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As of 3/25/2023

  1. Frank Wilhelm passed away December 24, 2022, and we finally received information about services. See Memorial page. The full obituary is included in a MailChimp e-mail to all league members March 23. If you did not receive it, sign up here for our e-mail alerts.

  2. Stich Fearn passed away March 11, from heart failure. See Memorial page for some photos and video of our March 14 moment of silence in his honor. Service Wednesday May 17th 10:30am at New Song Church, 3985 Mission Ave, Oceanside CA.


3/16/2023 Games - 5 beat 1 by 13-4; 2 beat 4 by 18-7; 3 Bye

Full Standings click here                                                       To print Schedule click here

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