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As of 1/16/2021:

  1. Weakend Warriors win the Bullhead City tournament. See our Tournaments News page.

  2. The good news: We will play softball sometime in the new year! So get your vaccine as soon as offered, clean off your gloves and bats, re-start those exercises that will protect you from injuries, and find a partner or two to practice throwing, fielding, and hitting. Our league will offer group batting practice as soon as the County permits us to do so on City fields. 

  3. See new Message from our Commissioner.

  4. New Players​. We are recruiting new players continuously while we await re-opening our softball league. If you want a tryout, or have a friend who wants to play in our league, please sign up at this New Players link, and Jim Dionne or Jim Teeter will contact you quickly. 

  5. This article about senior softball and why we play (even during COVID) appeared in the Senior Softball newsletter of December 19. Hope you enjoy reading it. 



03/03/2020 Games - 2 beat 6 by 22-19; 3 beat 1 by 26-14; 4 beat 5 by 27-17.

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