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As of 8/22/2020:

  • If Covid cases continue to go down, we will initiate formal action for opening City sports fields for small group batting practice and/or practice games of 5 on 5 on 5. The parks are filled with youth soccer and baseball groups with paid coaches running drills. Many of these groups with "coaches" include 15 participants, which should apply equally to us as well even though we are not part of a sports business and we know that opening all businesses is favored. "It makes no sense unless it makes cents." We are willing to pay permit fees to the City if allowed and to maintain social distancing on each field. 

  • Get your flu shots as soon as possible. Flu symptoms are similar to Covid symptoms. So if you can avoid the flu, you may be able to avoid the anxiety caused by a need for Covid testing. 

  • Wear masks. Those who do not are delaying our playing softball. 

  • Softball Season still delayed indefinitely. Carlsbad's current regulations: 

  • Only household members and individual users may use City owned playing fields. 

  • Privately owned fields and school district fields may allow group activities depending on the rules of individual cities and counties. Our league does not play on privately owned fields. 

  • Sports activity camps for kids are allowed on City fields for groups up to 12 plus the coach(es), but must follow social distancing and/or mask rules. We should be allowed to do the same. That is our league goal. 

  • Look for updates on this website as Carlsbad announces changes. Under current conditions, no league games are considered likely for the foreseeable future and through the new year. Even if vaccines are approved, they may not be available immediately for our non-essential, recreational participants. 

  • All players will receive individual, email notice of any authorization for batting practice, practice games, or season games. Please make sure you are registered to receive emails (if you are not, sign up here).



03/03/2020 Games - 2 beat 6 by 22-19; 3 beat 1 by 26-14; 4 beat 5 by 27-17.

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