2021 Ken Perez Memorial Softball Tournament

August 30 - September 2, 2021.

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A Message From the Perez Family:

I want to thank the Tournament Directors; Jim Dionne and Jim Teeter for honoring Ken by naming a tournament after him. He would have loved it.

Sports were such a huge part of Ken’s life and as with all of you, Senior Softball had a special place in his heart.  When he would come home after playing, I would ask “how was softball?” His reply was always a play-by-play of every game he played. I don’t know how he remembered every play! I guess that really was a testament to his love of the game. I’ll be honest, after about the first 30 minutes my eyes would be rolling back in my head! But I knew how much he loved it and it made me happy that he was doing something he loved so much.

One of the things that exemplified Ken that the kids and I will carry with us, is that he lived his life fully. He did what he wanted, when he wanted and on his terms. Being his wife, I didn’t always appreciate that! Only now do I realize it was a blessing that he didn’t waste any of his limited time on this earth.

If Ken had been able to choose the way he was going to leave this life, he would have chosen the way he left it; playing a game he loved, surrounded by like-minded friends and most likely verbal jousting with each other. We find great comfort in that.

Again, our family wants to thank you for honoring Ken in this way. He was an only child and I know he thought of you all as his brothers.

Be safe and PLAY BALL!