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2022 Ken Perez Memorial Softball Tournament




The North County Senior Softball-CD League has decided to discontinue offering an Annual SSUSA Recreational Tournament

After 20 years of offering our annual tournament, we have sadly decided to discontinue scheduling this tournament for the following reasons:

1. There are now many more tournaments offered than were offered when we started our tournament.
2. Teams now have multiple choices to enter tournaments at their convenience.

3. We used to have many fields available on the Pendleton Marine Base and those fields are no longer available.
4. The turf fields we used for the past several years are now scheduled for Carlsbad City youth camps all summer.
5. Due to these restrictions, we are unable to offer the same scheduling conveniences that ensured 6 team divisions with comparable competition for each age and team rating.

We wish to thank each manager, player, and the many loyal teams who joined us each summer and made our tournament a success for all the players that entered the tournament. We had a wonderful time hosting a high quality and friendly tournament and greeting the returning teams and players each year.

Questions? - Please Contact Tournament Director Jim Dionne at 206-459-5560 or at

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