Tournament News

Palm Springs Invitational Results (1/26-1/28/2020)

The Weakend Warriors 65 won the Palm Springs tourney and did it the hard way,  losing their first game in double elimination bracket play and then coming all the way through the loser's bracket, 5 wins in a row, including beating each of the 2 teams that had beaten them earlier in the tourney.  At the end of the final game salute,  where teams normally yell first the other team's name, and then their team name, they added "KENNY" at the end! Kenny would have been proud of his team he brought together as manager. See winners photos at Tournament Champions page.

JSquared 75’s AAA team managed by Tom Harwood and Bob Storm won the AA division. Other NCSS participating players were Ron Elson, Jim Konrath, Glenn Miller, Jon Reynolds, Marc Rudich and Walt Webber.

Omen and Strommen (Steve Strommen) won the 75 Major Plus division.

Jim Dionne’s Mitt-Fits 75 AAA took 2nd place in their division. They beat Top Gun 6 Bits and Git R Done, but lost two to Champions California Crush 75 AAA. Jim Dionne went 19-23 over 8 games, a torrid .826 average.

Other teams that participated were: D&K (Chuck Blomberg, Don Crenshaw, Kirk Dunning, Pat Steele), OTE (Nick Basta), Top Gun Patriots (Bob Ramming and manager Al McGhee) and Top Gun Diamonds (Rico Coronado, Billy Gaynor and Dave Buck).