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Season-ending Tournament 


Photos and more info coming tonight.


May 11, 2023 Games at Stagecoach Park

Format for the End-Of-Season Tournament and League Picnic on Thursday, May 11, 2023

With the very long regular season finally over it's time to focus on the season ending tournament.

As with the last two seasons, all teams had a chance to make the tournament until the last day of the season. Congrats to those that made it.

The tournament is scheduled for Thursday, May 11 and is limited to the top four teams.  This is a one-day tournament.

Semi Final Games – Start at 10 am:

  • Seed 1 (Team 3 Martinez) vs Seed 4 (Team 5 Sybrandy) on field #3

  • Seed 2 (Team 4 Allen) vs Seed 3 (Team 1 Gershkoff) on field #2

  • 7 innings, no time limit

Championship Game time 11:30 am or as soon thereafter as possible on field #3

  • Two semi-final winners play

  • 7 innings, no time limit

Tournament Details

  • Higher seed is the home team for all games and wears white jerseys and has 3rd base dugout.

  • Players on the second place team (Team 4) and the third place team (Team 1) need to bring both jerseys.

  • League provides two new balls per game.

  • Subs. Added only with prior approval of Commissioner and consistent with Tournament Sub List.  

  • All players who are on their team’s final published roster are eligible, including one day a week-players on their off day.

  • Tournament Director reserves the right to modify rules to enhance the tournament and will resolve all disputes between managers. Tournament Director will be the Commissioner unless he is playing a game where there is a dispute or is otherwise unavailable, in which case, the Commissioner will appoint another league officer/manager to temporarily assume that responsibility.

  • Umpires will be selected from teams not playing if possible.

  • 7 inning games (extra guidelines)

    • No infield between innings after the first inning

    • No BP between games.

    • Intentional walks not allowed prior to 6th inning.

    • Tie games decided by SSUSA Rule 5.4 International Tie Breaker

All other league rules apply.

Let's make this a social success by everyone attending! The tournament is meant to celebrate the bonds we formed with teammates during a long season.

Wives and friends are welcome!

  • Winning team receives recognition on web site.

  • League picnic with Johnny Gonzales pizza wagon, soft drinks, and beer.


We are lucky seniors. We hope this tournament and league picnic adds to your enjoyment of the NCSS-CD Softball League.


Team 3 Champs: Top row l-r: Don Knox, Mark O'Donnell, Mark Hiltbrand, Jim Nunnery, Rob Holzman, Jean-Marc Murphy, and Don Ludwig. Bottom row: Louie Gonzales, Jim Teeter, Don Crenshaw and Ron Devincenzo. Not pictured: Dennis Eller, Bob Klotz, Mike Martelli and manager Tom Martinez

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