Season-ending Tournament 

September 8, 2022 Games at Stagecoach Park

Once again we answered in the affirmative the question everybody always has: can the 4th seed win again? Not to spoil the answer, but ... Yes, Yup. As always

In the first round, Tom Martinez's 3rd seed Team 6 pounded out 27 runs to beat Bob Miller's 2nd seed Team 2 27-19. The underdog Team 3 (Teeter), managed by Mike Berg, scored 11 and beat Don Chandler's 1st seed and league champion Team 4 who could only put up 6.

In the Championship Game: defense ruled as Team 3 trimmed Team 6 8-7.

Congratulations Team 3. The BEST team in the league for a day.

Departing from our customary custom home-made pizzas by John Gonzales, we offered Domino's pizza (Thanks Bob Miller). Adding beer to the soft drinks menu made up for the one-time(?) change.

Thanks to our volunteer umpires: Nick Basta, Fred Gershkoff, Mark Hiltbrand and Mark "Pic" Picton.


Team 3 Playoff winners top row L-R: Dale Dickey, Mark Andrade, Randy Burrell, Asst Manager Mike Berg, Jim Nunnery, Ron Devincenzo and Jeff Sobieski. Bottom row L-R: Rick Nafis, Bob "Sully" O'Sullivan, Rob Holzman, Sean O'Sullivan and Joe Camacho. Not pictured: Steve Ellingson, Jim Teeter and Dave Thompson.