Playoffs July 15, 2021 at Stagecoach Park ... and the winner is ...

Playoffs are back!

In the Semi-final games, 4th seed (team 3-Blakeman) took it to the league champion (team 1-Chandler) on field #3. While over on field #2 the "rec league" team 5-Dionne surprised team 6-Ellingson. That set up the playoff championship on field #3.

Team 4 still takes the coveted league championship and player awards, but Team 3 gets this recognition on the web site with their 22-15 victory over a scrappy team 5.

2021-07-15 Team 3 PlayoffChampions.jpg

Team 3 Playoff winners top row L-R: Karl Burk, Joel Glassman, John Champ, Jean-Marc Murphy, Chuck Blomberg, Dale Dickey, manager Jeff Blakeman. Bottom row L-R: Jimmy Day, Milo Milakovich, Asst Mgr Andy Sybrandy, Johnny Brand, Brad Coutin.


For my team and all the rest, wait 'til next season!

But the biggest hit for most was the parking lot pizza from Bottaro Wood-Fired Pizza by the John Gonzales family.