Tournament Champions

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Congratulations Over the Edge 70

Spring World Championships Champs March 25, 2021

Over the Edge top row l-r: Jack Valentine, Steve Martinez, Danny Nava, John Woolsey, Jim Teeter, Jimmy Stevens, Don Ludwig. Bottom row: Larry Lay, AC Carlos, Danny Coterel (mgr), Nick Basta, Don ChandlerJim Nunnery.

Congratulations Weakend Warriors 65

Top Gun Winter Classic Champs January 14, 2021

Weakend Warriors top row l-r: John Benedict, Mike Morrison, Guy Trissler, Dave Peterson, Craig Weilen, Johnny Cessena, Mark Hildbrant, Dickie Biven (mgr), George Anas. Bottom row: Bryan Allen, Fred Gershkoff, Rick Patterson, John Stewart, Mike Pouncy.

Congratulations Over the Edge 70

Winter World Champs November 18, 2020

Over The Edge top row l-r Jimmy Stevens, Roy Ferguson, John Woolsey, Don Chandler, Danny Nava and Jack Valentine. Bottom row: Don Ludwig, Jim Teeter, Jim Nunnery, Director Jerry Smith, Manager Danny Coterel, Nick Basta and AC Carlos. Not pictured: John Champ and Steve Martinez. 

Congratulations Weakend Warriors

Palm Springs Invitational Champs January 28, 2020

Congratulations JSquared

Palm Springs Invitational Champs January 28, 2020

JSquared: Top row L-R Jim Jackson, Ron Elson, Howard Clark, co-manager Tom Harwood, Marc Rudich, Walt Gibson, Jon Reynolds, Bill Jennings. Bottom row: L-R Art Gelb, Walt Webber, Jim Konrath, Glenn Miller, co-manager Bob Storm

Congratulations North County

Menifee Valley Upper Division Champs Winter 2019-2020

Congratulations North County

Menifee Valley Upper Division Champs Spring 2019

Top Row, L-R:  foreigner, Lyle Wood, Don Chandler, Marc Aumann, Jim Teeter, Mike Karr

Jeff Blakeman

Bottom Row, L-R:  Stich Fearn, Ken Perez, Milo Milakovich, Bobby Jones, Nick Basta

Congratulations North County

Menifee Valley Upper Division 2016 Fall  Champions

Our North County team entry in the Menifee Valley Upper Division Senior Softball league has clinched the title as 2016 Fall league champs.  The team was managed by Bob Miller and Don Ludwig was named Team MVP.  They repeat as Fall champions having won the title in 2015 and again in 2016, with a record of 13-3.  

Top Row, L-R:  Don Ludwig, Don Chandler, Jim Teeter, Ken Perez, Bob Miller, Mike Karr, John Woolsey

Jeff Blakeman

Bottom Row, L-R:  Fred Gershkoff, Mike Fulcher, Stich Fearn, Milo Milakovich, Bobby Jones, Rick Loy

Congratulations 65 Plus Coyotes 2016 Huntsman World Games Champions


The 65+ Coyotes, co-managed by Bob Storm and Al McGhee, won the World Championship in St. George, Utah on October 7th in their bracket.  Of the 15 team members, 10 are from North County Senior League. What is especially gratifying is of the 15 players entered in the 65-69 bracket, 10 team members were 70 plus years of age.

Huntsman officials acknowledged that in the 2016 class they had 1300 participants from 25 countries.  The Coyotes, who were 2-1 in pool play, breezed all the way through the winners bracket.  They run-ruled the first two teams they faced before beating the New Mexico Comedy Hour, 12-6 in the grand finale.  Well done Coyotes!

Pictured, Top Row:  Jim Teeter, Ron Elson, Vic Dhooge, Dennis Foley, Ron Windell, Pete Aadland and Frank Sperling.  Bottom Row:  Jon Reynolds, Walt Webber, Bill Jennings, Al McGhee, Bob Storm, Ron DeVincenzo and Art Bird.  Missing from last game only (and photo) Milo Milokovich.

Congratulations North County

Menifee Valley Upper Division 2015 Fall  Champions

Top Row, L-R:  Bob Miller, Scott Mann, Jim Teeter, Don Chandler, John Woolsey, Mike Karr

Bottom Row, L-R:  Don Ludwig, Fred Gershkoff, Stich Fearn, Milo Milakovich, Mike Fulcher, Rick Loy

Congratulations 65 Plus Coyotes 2014 Huntsman World Games Champions

Top Row, L-R:  Dennis Foley, Vic Dhooge, Ron Elson, Mike Finney, Pete Aadland, unknown, Al McGhee, John

Bottom Row, L-R:  Milo Milakovich, Bill Doig, unknown, Jim Teeter, Frank Sperling

Congratulations 60 Plus Coyotes 2011 Huntsman World Games Champions

Top Row, L-R:  Dennis Russoniello, John, John Sadler, Chuck Gandy, Don Chandler, Al McGhee

Bottom Row, L-R:  Jim McGhee, Dennis Foley, Jim Teeter, Jeff Zaget, Don Ludwig, Erwin Grumet