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 NCSS 29 Year Anniversary

A few years ago, we posted notice that Max Gritzmaker had passed away. With so many new players, there are many of us that didn't have the pleasure of knowing and playing with Max. He was a fabulous person and a man instrumental in founding the league and the parity model we use to guide our play.

Among the things Max contributed to the league was to author a 25th Anniverary Booklet. For those players interested in the history of our league and want to see who some of the key men have been along the way, enjoy the reading. We still have a few "founding fathers" around who might have some stories to tell.  Fortunately, Al McGee was able to create a booklet with the pages he received to work with.  Images were scanned and uploaded to a PDF file and we were not able to rotate some of the images.  


The content is amazing and speaks to the long and rich heritage of our league. Thank you Max for documenting your NCSS experience and for leaving such a great example of valuing  this wonderful game and enjoying the camaraderie of our players.  Please click link below to view.

League History 25th Anniversary Booklet