In Memory

Dedicated to North County Senior Softball members who will always be in our hearts:

Bob Kresky

4/15/1961 - 1/01/2021


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Bob Kresky of Carlsbad CA, died Jan. 1, 2021 after an heroic battle with cancer. He is survived by his wife Valerie and two children, Matthew (Nina) Kresky, grandson Wade and Nicole Kresky. He is also survived by his parents, Joseph and Jane Kresky of Naples, Fl. He has two siblings Andy (Colleen) Kresky, and Donna (Mike) Hennessey, also several nieces and nephews. He will be lovingly missed by all. Bob loved to "CRUSH" the softball! There will be a private service at a later date.


Mike Rupp

April 20, 1956 - July 31, 2020

On July 31, 2020 Mike Rupp passed away at his home in his longtime residence in Vista, CA. Mike had recurrence of the cancer in his brain and was recently given a short time to live. Things turned worse last Sunday and he was placed in hospice care. He is survived by his son, Branden (Sahar), his daughter Amanda (Andrew), and his eight-week-old granddaughter. His family was at his side when he passed.

Mike was 64.

Mike was a Manager in our NCSS-CD softball league and played at an All Star level until struck with brain cancer in 2018. After his first life-threatening surgery, he returned to play in our league but at a reduced level.


He notified our league in February 2020 that he wanted to retire from playing and focus on other matters. At a retirement luncheon, he confided that he preferred playing in a night league with his son and did not have the energy to play in two leagues.

After our luncheon, sensing the obvious, I wrote him an email. This is the Mike Rupp I will always remember:

"I loved playing softball with you, Mike. Your continuous challenge to dare batters to try to hit it over your head in LC was both a delightful cat-and-mouse game within a game, but also fed into making me a better hitter by necessity. Few - maybe 2 - players in my career could pull off playing so shallow like you and then running back to make circus catches on balls hit over your head. You made it routine.
And then there were the line drive ropes you hit. I am sure you heard my "Oh, crap!" as I tried to safely get out of the way in the infield, but in a graceful manner.
Thanks for being a leader in our league. You tilted us to the fun and sportsmanship side of a team sport we both love. Someday, way in the future, maybe we will share a beer and try to remember how great we really were. I hope so."
Mike responded with the following:
"Hey Jim!  … When I retired, this league was perfect for me.  I loved the competition, and the guys were awesome!  I made many new lifelong friends …  I have so much left to do and I can't wait to get to it."
We often remember only the attributes we see at the end of a long and wonderful life. Character, integrity, a sense of fun, and inner strength are the lifetime attributes that matter more. Mike gave us all of those plus demonstrated the skill in softball we all hope to attain. We are proud he was a Manager in our league and our teammate. Thank you, Mike!
Jim Dionne


Ken Perez

July 12, 1955 - January 11, 2020

See obituary at

A Memorial Service was held 1:30 pm Tuesday, February 4, at:


Mission San Luis Rey Historic Catholic Church

4050 Mission Ave

Oceanside CA 92057

Immediately following 

Casa de Bandini

1901 Calle Barcelona St

Carlsbad CA 92009

Kenny Perez, long time Manager, player, teammate, and friend of all of us in the NCSS-CD league, died today of an apparent heart attack while playing in a tournament at the Diamond Valley Sports Complex in Hemet. He fielded the 3rd out of an inning and was running in from left field when he collapsed unconscious to the ground. Several players with two nurses attempted to revive him for about twenty minutes without sustained success before the Medic ambulance arrived and attempted defibrillation and injections to re-start his heart. He was taken to Hemet Valley Hospital, about 10 minutes away, where medical staff continued attempts to revive him but without success.

Kenny loved our league, he loved playing softball, and, literally, he gave his heart to the sport he loved. He competed at the highest levels of our sport. Most recently, his team won our NCSS tournament in its division, he was a player on the NCSS team that won the Menifee Valley League Championship last Monday, and he formed a new, strong team, the Weekend Warriors 65 to compete in SSUSA events this year. Kenny totally and completely lived for the spirit of sports competition. We will miss a wonderfully competitive teammate and our very close friend.

Our hearts and prayers go out to his family, including his wife, Denise, his sons, Parker and Hunter, and his daughter, Amanda. 

Jim Dionne


Dick Ellison

Feb 18,1941 - Dec 28, 2019


Dick Ellison died December 28, 2019. See Obituary from Dignity Memorial. His funeral will be Saturday, January 18 at 11:00 am


St. James Church, 625 South Nardo Ave

Solana Beach CA 92075

Immediately after, there will be a memorial at Dick's home:

926 Santa Florencia

Solana Beach CA 92075

Herb Althouse

12/29/1930 - 10/04/2018

See listing from Washington Cremation Alliance.


Steve Rosenbaum

12/29/1948 - 6/30/2018

See obituary from Village News.

Stephen Rosenbaum, (69 years old), died on June 30, 2018 after a 16 month courageous battle with cancer.

Born December 29, 1948 in Baltimore, Maryland to the late Samuel Rosenbaum and Shirley Cohen Rosenbaum, Stephen was a Fallbrook resident for the past 20 years.

An MBA and a CPA, Stephen was an entrepreneur, creative thinker, and risk taker who started and sold several successful businesses. He was a trusted CEO who led other developing businesses on to success.

He traveled extensively, read widely, and enjoyed meeting people from all walks of life, making him a spirited conversationalist as a man knowledgeable in all the issues of our time. Stephen retired at an early age but wasn't done with work and started another small business that he loved, still creating and working up until the last weeks.

Stephen will be remembered as a man of many loves. He loved life and lived it to the fullest. He loved his work. He loved to travel with Rebecca, his wife of 30 years. He loved the outdoors, nature and sailing on his boat, and he loved playing softball.

Most importantly he loved his family.

He is survived by the love of his life and dear wife Rebecca; his two sons Eric and Bryan, his sister Marci and her husband Ed Buffington, who was his friend and business partner, and their children, Scott and Brandi (Goldsberry), Chad, Brett and Emily (Crick), Katie and Austin Hughes, and the little ones, his great-nieces and –nephews, Ellie, Sam, Wyatt, and Kelly.

He was a loved and true friend, nothing will ease the pain of losing Stephen at such an early age. Graveside services were held at the Masonic Cemetery of Fallbrook on July 2.


Bob Guy

9/01/1940 - 2/27/18

Bob Guy was born in 1940 and passed last week after battling health issues for some time.  Bob joined the league 15 years ago but hadn't played for awhile. He was an excellent pitcher, infielder and hitter. Always a strong supporter of league functions and all around great guy. Bob was a dear friend of Bill Gaynor "I was proud to be his friend" and will be missed by the many who knew him.

There will be a celebration of life in honor of Bob on April 6th at 1:00, Lake Mission Viejo Clubhouse/north entrance. Please RSVP to Bill Gaynor 760-845-2002 and for any additional information. 


Bob Morse

August 1, 1936 - February 6, 2017

My husband, Bob Morse was born in New Haven, Ct. on August 1, 1936.  He was a lover of all sports,  playing Ice Hockey and baseball throughout High School and beyond. Most of our dating days were at the sport he was playing at that time.  We were married 55 years and moved to California in 1963.  He searched for a softball team to join and told one church he would be glad to change religions in order to play.  Bob was a lot of fun, quick witted and loved to travel.  His daughter, Sherry and son, John were born in California and Bob had 3 grandsons.  He joined North County Senior Softball in 1991 when he retired at age 55.  He had many friends, played many games, won the Senior Softball World Series in Colorado with his team the Coastliners and loved every minute of it.

After suffering many strokes the week before, Bob passed away on Monday February 6, 2017 due to a massive stroke.   We will have a Celebration of Life ceremony but a date has not been set as we have all been ill.   I wanted to let every softball player he ever played with to know how much each and every one of you meant to him and how much he loved the game. 



We lost a special friend to many as well as a great buddy in softball.  Bob played many years in North County Senior Softball until he was unable to.  Bob went to be with the Lord on February 6th and will be greatly missed.  Bob was a great person and a great friend.  WE LOVE YOU BOBBIE BOY.


Steve Carro

9/10/1949 - 11/13/2016

See obituary from Burlington County Times.

Cmdr. Stephen J. Carro, U.S. Navy (retired) was born to Joseph and Pauline Carro (late of Moorestown, N.J.) on Sept. 10, 1949 in Westfield, N.J. He was raised in Moorestown, attended Moorestown High School and graduated with honors in 1967.

He was appointed by Congress to attend the United States Naval Academy, from where he graduated in 1971. While at Moorestown High School, he lettered in football and track and was all South Jersey for both teams. He won the Penn Relays in high school and returned as a naval cadet to run there during his college career.

He trained and became a naval aviator in the F-16 and unfortunately had the accident at ‘Top Gun training center’ that became the story line for the movie ‘Top Gun’ in 1986. He was a frequent flyer (co-pilot) with his uncle, Frank J. Sciolla Sr. (deceased) (USAAF 1941 to 1945), and his son, Gregory E. Sciolla, Esq. on his visits home from duty.

Stephen passed away Sunday, Nov. 13, 2016 in San Diego from traumatic injuries suffered during a fall from a ladder.

He leaves behind wife, Janet and a daughter, Kristin.


We lost a longtime member of our softball community, Vincent Petricevich.  His grandson delivered a tribute and it was passed onto us to share.  For those of you that new Vince you will apprecitate his grandson's words.

We’ve gathered today to lay to rest
And celebrate the life of one of the best,
Vincent Anthony Michael Petricevich
He was bad, he was catholic, he was a summmbitch
Just a poor boy from Yugoslavia
Who grew old, to godfather, the pineapple mafia
If you thought I’d be standing here proposing a toast
You’re all sadly mistaken...because this is a roast
I’m out of his reach and he can’t grab my knees
Thus I can speak freely and jab him with ease
There is never the right way to speak during these times
So I approached this as Grandpa short silly rhymes
There’s a good chance he can hear this from up above
And I promise you grandpa this is all out of love
For as much as we’ve experienced your ridiculousness
We wouldn’t change a damn thing, not any of this
Like the time you explained to us your Thursday Nights
In great detail too, ya sicko….that just wasn’t right
You beat me in a footrace, at age 68 to my 13
(It’s true...he did...maybe that says more about me)
When you handcuffed our friends or scared them to death
“Dude, your grandpa is crazy nuts, but he’s AWEsome no less”
Nurses, Waitresses, any women passing by…
“Do you fool around?” was your common reply
Getting pulled over repeatedly dropping us off at high school
And then flashing the badge… we thought that was sooo cool
Although we admire your brashness and propensity to be loud
You’ve also accomplished a few things that made us all proud
A couple of 300 bowling rings, and some holes in one
Some softball trophies and dark skin from the sun
You look annoyingly great in every single picture you took
We couldn’t find a bad one….and trust me, we looked
The 26 years on the force you served
And all the accolades that followed you surely deserved
You had kids and grandkids and now many great
And you’re with your wife now, your eternal mate
If I could only do a quarter of what you did in your years
I’d die a happy man with a grin ear to ear
We called you grandpa but you were more to us
Our brother, our father and in you we trust


I lived with Grandpa for much of my life
And the lessons I learned were worth all the strife
He made me a better father friend and person
When things in my life seemed only to worsen
I’d go see my roommate for his sage advice
And his unique way of dealing was so perfectly right
He would never just tell us straight up what to do
But after speaking to him...we somehow just knew
He was magic like that in a way only he could be
And I know this because I don’t speak for just me
All of us here were touched in some way 
By this crazy old man in each of his days
As hard and tough and stubborn as he was
Deep down he’s a big softie that loved all of us

I would tell you Grandpa, to rest in peace
But if you did anything in peace, the world would cease
So say hi to Grandma for us... and go do what you must
Stir up hell in heaven and please watch over us
We can trust that you’re away in a much better place
So...I’ll say it down here for ya….

Keep the faith.

Vincent Petricevich

May 21, 1926 - April 22, 2016 
Eastpointe, Michigan | Age 89


Ron Ding

September 2015

NCSS Senior Softball Players,

The "Celebration of Ron Ding's Life" was held

Date:  Sat. Sept. 26
Time:  11:00-2:00

Escondido Women's Club
751 N. Rose St.
Escondido, Ca. 92026

Due to your generous donations to TERI "In Memory of Ron Ding" a check will be given to Lynn Ding, Ron's wife and presented to TERI in honor of Ron. The funds will used in the manner they see fit (hopefully bench) and donated by NCSS Senior Softball League Friends. The league will also provide a Shadow Box which will showcase Ron's Jersey, with his name and number 1 on the back.


Thank you to the many that participated in the gifting and those of you that will be able to attend. Your gifts will be greatly appreciated by the family and Teri organization.


Rich Kotfica

July 18, 2015