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AED Inservice Training May 18, 2021

A training session was held before games May 18 and attended by 17 student-players. Those players are noted on our league roster with "AED" by their name for all to know who has received the training; you can see that 2 or more players on every team have received the training.


As Commissioner Dionne stated:

"A big thank you to Jeff Blakeman and Bill Kutchera for an excellent AED inservice today and for those of you who showed up to add to the importance of listening to this valuable lesson.

The demonstration with the fire dept dummy was a big plus, making everyone more aware of what an actual AED/CPR rescue might look like. Kudos to Jeff for tracking it down and having it available today. 

Bill's willingness to enact the steps to a real-life rescue situation also made the presentation much more memorable. I think everyone also appreciated his talking up to his audience by explaining the medical and physical changes needed for a successful rescue. 

We are truly lucky to have doctors like Bill and Marc Rudich and all the other medic-trained players noted on our Player Roster on the field with us if an emergency occurs. But I think that all of us who attended the inservice are also much more prepared now to add our part to supporting a rescue if the need occurs.

Please also thank the players on your team who showed up today."

Watch for another Inservice session at a future date.

New AEDs

We have purchased two additional Headstart Automated External Defibrillators (AED) to protect players from further injury or death by sudden cardiac arrest. We now own three. See guide below.

AED Locations

There is an AED is in the snack bar at Stagecoach and Jim Dionne carries the key always.

There is another AED belonging to City of Carlsbad in the vestibule of the building at Field 1 Stagecoach.

In additions, NCSS now owns three AEDs. One is kept by commissioner Dionne for every game, and two more will be kept by managers at each field in a process TBD.

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