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Congratulations Team 5 2023-4 Fall Champions

2024-02-26 Team 5 Champs.jpg

Top row L-R: Chuck Bomberg, Brian Bolton, Jim Dionne, Don Chandler, Andy Sybrandy. Bottom row L-R: Rob Holzman, Manager Fred Gershkoff, Don Crenshaw and Klaus Waiblinger. Not pictured: Greg Beauchane, Jeff Blakeman, Charlie Phillips, Steve Rubino, Bob Shepro, Vince Skandunis, Tom Wood.

Congratulations Team 4 2023 Summer Champions

2023-10-05 Team 4 Champs.jpg

Top row L-R: Anderson Allamby, Louie Gonzalez, Jim Teeter, John Champ, Dale Dickey, Joe Hensley, Manager Roy Alberts. Bottom row L-R: Dave Thompson, Gary Coburn, Jim Dionne, Don Ludwig and Tito Vargas. Not yet pictured: Phil Hutter, Carl Pinkard, Mark Turnlund and Jim Vogt.

Congratulations Team 3 2023 Spring Champions

2023-05-03 Team 3 Champs.jpg

Top row L-R: Jean-Marc Murphy, Mark Turnlund, Jim Dionne, Manager Tom Martinez, Mark O'Donnell, Robert Robles, Dale Dickey. Bottom row L-R: Klaus Waiblinger, Mark LaVake, Rick Nafis and Jim Teeter. Not pictured: Don Crenshaw, Joe Hensley, Jim Vogt and Buzz Waloch.

Congratulations Team 3 2022 Fall Champions

2022-09-27 Team 3 Champs.jpg

Top row L-R: Louie Gonzales, Mark O'Donnell, Manager Tom Martinez, Mark Hiltbrand, Jim Nunnery, Don DeVincenzo, Jean-Marc Murphy and Don Ludwig. Bottom row L-R: Mike Martelli, Jim Teeter, Bob Klotz, Dennis Eller and Don Crenshaw. Not pictured: Rob Holzman and Don Knox.

Congratulations Team 4 2022 Summer Champions


Top row L-R: John Groe, Carl Pinkard, Rick Taulli, Jean-Marc Murphy, Tom Manok and Craig Petersen. Bottom row L-R: Jeff Blakeman, Bob Klotz, Manager Don Chandler, Dennis Eller and Don Ludwig. Not pictured: Randy Cox, Swede Lundgren and John Parine.

Congratulations Team 4 2022 Spring Champions

2022-04-14 Team 4 Champs.jpg

Top row L-R: Tom Manok, Manager Don Chandler, Don Ludwig, Asst Manager Tom Martinez. Bottom row L-R:  Bob Klotz, Gary Coburn, Bob O'Sullivan, Mike Berg and Brad Coutin. Not pictured: Ron Bryan, Noel Dobson, Dennis Eller and Jay Paris.

Congratulations Team 3 2021 Fall Champions

2021-12-07 Team 3 Champs Fall 2021.jpg

Top row L-R: Louie Gonzalez, Mark Andrade, John Champ, Asst mgr Doug Tomlinson, Adam McGlaflin, Dale Dickey, Mike Karr, Manager Jeff Blakeman. Bottom row L-R: , Alan Elder, Robert Robles, Milo Milakovich, Jim Teeter, Tim Elliott. Not pictured: Chuck Blomberg, Steve Leslie.

Congratulations Team 5 2021 Spring Champions

2021-07-15 Team 5 SpringChampions.jpg

Top row L-R: Tom Harwood, Kirk Dunning, Mark Andrade, Roy Albert, Manager Don Chandler, Kevin Kakadelas, Don Knox. Bottom row L-R: Bob Clary, John Gonzales, Bob Klotz, Tom Harwood, Asst mgr Mark Dushkin. Not pictured: coming attraction Tom O'Hara.

Congratulations Team 3 2019-2020 Winter Champions

2020-03-03 Team 3 Champs.jpg

L-R: Dave Camp, Jay Paris, Chris Brubaker, Mark Dushkin, Craig Petersen, Bill Doig, Bill Mead, Manager Lyle Wood, Marc Rudich, Jim Konrath, Swede Lundgren, Ed Strong. Not pictured: Dave Buck, John Cesseña, Ron Devincenzo, Bob Ramming and Gordon Robbins.

Congratulations Team 1 2019 Fall Champions

2019-1029 Team 1 - Fall Champs.jpg

Top row L-R: Kevin Kakadelas,Tim Elliot, Dan Allen, Ron Bryan, Rick Taulli, Doug Tomlinson, Mike Ingalls, Mark Dishkin, Johnnie Martinez, Gary Bottenfield.

Bottom row L-R Joe Bess, Mgr. Fred Gershkoff, Jom Snodgrass, Ron Elson, Carl Hennrich, Sandy Horan. 

Congratulations Team 6 2019 Spring Champions

team champs spring 2019.jpg

Top row L-R: Mark Andrade, Kirk Dunning, John Champ, Mark Dushkin, Mike Fulcher, Mark Hiltbrand, Mike Ingalls

Bottom row L-R Tom O'Hara, Milo, Bob Storm, Tom Harwood, Gordon Robbins, Mgr. Steve Ellingson, Tim Elliot 

Congratulations Team 3 2018 Fall/Winter Champions

new pic.jpg

Top row L-R: Larry Treppel, Steve Strommen, Gus Kriticos, Doug Tomlinson, John Champ, Mike Rupp, Kirk Dunning, Bob Miller, Herschel Robinson, Mark Rudich

Bottom row L-R: Mgr. Jim Teeter, Joe Camacho, Phil Hutter, Tito Vargas, Milo Milakovich, Steve Collo, Tom O'Hara

Congratulations Team 4 2018 Fall/Winter Champions

2018 Fall Champions.JPG

Top row L-R: Jon Reynolds, Mgr. Don Chandler, Kirk Dunning, Ron Elson, Gary Bottenfield, Walt Webber, John McDaniels, Mark Aumann, Ron DeVincenzo

Bottom row L-R: Carl Hennrich, Bob O'Sullivan, Sean O'Sullivan, Don Crenshaw, Chuck Blomberg, Scott Guthrie, Tim McNary 

Congratulations Team 1 2018 Spring Champions

Top row, L-R:  Jack Givens, Mike Ingalls,Ken Perez, Phil McCabe,Warren Pleskow, Mark Rudich, Doug Tomlinson, Lyle Wood, Jim McGee, Mark Andrade

Bottom row, L-R:  Mgr. Fred Gershkoff, Scott Mann, Al McGee, Bob DeMaria, Bob Miller, John Williams

 Congratulations Team 3 2017 Winter Champions

2018-0313 Team 3 Champs.jpg

Top row, L-R:  Tom O'Hara, Mark Rudich, Bob Miller, Randy Benton, Lyle Wood, mgr Jim Teeter

Bottom row, L-R:  Warren Pleskow, Ron Vivas, Bob Storm, Don Crenshaw, Tim McNary

 Congratulations Team 6 2017 Fall Champions

Top L-R: Mark Aumann, Tito Vargas, Mark Andrade, Bob Gillis, Danny Martinez, "Pops" Martinez, Herschel Robinson, Tom O'Hara, Noel Dobson, Scott Guthrie, Jim Dionne 

Bottom L-R: Mike Ingalls, Stan Vowels, Warren Pleskow, Mgr. Steve Ellingson, Preacher Roberts, Steve Willis, Fred Merrill.

Congratulations Team 6 2017 Spring/Summer Champions

Top row L-R: Bob Cotto, Dave Dey, Kevin Whalen, Ron Windell, Dave Porzel, Jon Reynolds, Jim Nunnery, Chuck Blomberg

Bottom Row. L-R:  Jean-Marc Murphy, Warren Pleskow, Milo, Manager Steve Ellingson, Tim McNary, Fred Gershkoff, Sandy Horan.  Not pictured:  Randy Burrell

Mr. Jack Givens (most inspirational player) and retiring from our league. We wish you the best in your future endeavors, Thank you for your contributions, friendship and we look forward to your future visits.

Congratulations Team 5 2016 Fall/Winter Champions

Top row, L-R: Jeff Blakeman, Wally Winkler, Bob Miller, Phil McCabe, Randy Burrell, Doug Tomlinson, Nelson Elmore, Mike Ingalls, Mike Fulcher, John Woolsey

Bottom row, L-R:Tim McNary, Ron Vivas Warren Pleskow, Mike Roberts, Manager Walt Webber

Congratulations Team 6 2016 Fall Champions 

Top row, L-R: Jon Reynolds, Phil McCabe, Tom Harwood, Gus Kriticos, Michael Roberts, Ron Windell, Lyle Wood, Jim McGhee

Bottom Row, L-R:  Jeff Blakeman, Jim Snodgrass, John O'Dell, Mgr. Steve Ellingson, Dave Kashevos, Milo Milakovich, Pat Steele. Not Pictured:  Ron Elson, Rich Fearn

Congratulations Team 3 2016 Spring Champions

Top row, L-R:  John Rauch,  Woolsey, Brian O'Dell, Mgr. Jim Teeter, Chuck Blomberg, Phil McCabe, Gary Bottenfield

Bottom row, L-R:  Tom O'Hara, Jerry Chamberlin, Don Ludwig, Bob O'Sullivan, Sean O'Sullivan, Ed Strong

Not pictured:  Herb Althouse,  Jack Givens,  Jim Nunnery

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