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Thursday Game Highlights 7/08/2021

Team 5 beats Team 4 19-18:

Bottom of the 9th with the winning run on 2nd, Sean gets the intentional base on balls (Sean's first walk of the season btw). Bob Porter comes through with a slap double to right center and scored the winning run. Porter excelled in the 5-spot going 4-5 with a triple, double and a pair of knocks to go with 2 runs scored and a game high 4 RBIs. He gets a game ball for that as well as all the pinch running duties he took on scoring myriad runs for us. Mark Forster and Mark Hiltbrand get game balls as well. Both Marks batted 4 for 5 and came through in the bottom of the 9th. Forster contributed a solo home run and Hiltbrand had a nice triple. Nice solid defense and aggressive baserunning all the way around again. Sub Nick DeFilippis started a double play and legged out a triple he hit to the center field gap. Mark Hiltbrandt's pitching has been spectacular and he made a nice grab on a hard hit ball up the middle. Team 5 had a 9-4-11-2 putout at home on a bang-bang play that got the runner by half a step. That play loomed large as they scored only 1 run that frame while we hung a 5-spot on them.

Team 6 vs Team 2 26-10:

Team 6 won its fourteenth game of the season today. They rode the offensive output of Jay Paris 5 hits in 6 at bats, Mark O'Donnell's 5 for 6 and Nick Basta's 4 for 5 performance with 1 walk included. Don Ludwig pitched well and used his expertise at helping position defensive players. As usual there were contributions throughout the lineup with too many to name. Great team effort from a team that has really meshed this season and played very well together.

Team 3 vs Team 1 30-19:

Phil Hutter, pitching ace, was on base all 6 appearances with a HR and scored four in a losing effort. Jimmy Snodgrass, moved up to the 2-spot after 3 singles Tuesday (and getting to the field early), delivered two more hits and showed off his eyesight at 2B with a perfect throw to Rover after fielding a hot shot to second - too bad nearby SS was covering 2B. Johnny Cessena continued his torrid hitting pace, blasting three doubles and a single.

Team 3 continued its  push for the playoffs to extend their unbeaten streak for July with a third consecutive double digit win behind the stellar pitching of Dale Dickey and Mike Fulcher. Leading the offensive charge with perfection at the plate was Johnny Brand (5 hits) and John Champ (6 hits). They were supported by 3 players that only made one out at the plate - Joel Glassman, Karl Burk (1 HR) and Jean-Marc Murphy. There were other stars also as the team batted .709 for the day, but one of note was Mike Fulcher who added a walk to increase his team lead in that category to 10 for the season and a triple to take over 3rd place in that season-to-date category. Defensively, Johnny Brand played outfield for the first time this season and didn't let anything get in his way in his quest for outs (including the right center fielder!).  Dale Dickey made an over the shoulder catch to end the game in right proving his versatility beyond the mound.

Tuesday Game Highlights 7/06/2021:

Team 5 beats Team 2 22-16:

Good effort in the Team 2 loss today. Nobody quit. Tom Larson was 4/5 to lead the offense. He and Mike Karr went yard. Klaus Waiblinger came up strong in the #2 spot, and Don Crenshaw played solid defense at shortstop.

For team 5, game Balls go out to Charlie Phillips, who batted 4-5 with 2 runs and 4 RBI to go along with a triple, double and pair of Singles. Jim Dionne did a great job of moving the lineup over and batted 4-5 with 4 singles, plus he made a dandy play at second on a hard hit ball. Sean O'Sullivan continued his great season by going 4-4 with two sac flies, a double and three singles. Mark Hiltbrand had three walks and darn near had a fourth. Highlight of the game was seeing Bob Blachford get an intentional base on balls, the first time that has happened in his life. Bob also made a great play from the outfield and gunned a runner out at second base in the 9th inning which took the steam out of their comeback. It's so much fun to watch a good defense.

Team 1 beats Team 6 17-16:

Offensive production was just good enough led by Ron Bryan with 2 singles, a double and triple. Leading the scoring machine with three runs scored were Rob Holzman, Jim Teeter and Phil Hutter (thanks for putting us at the top of the order).

John Parine, as in Marine, showed great promise for next year, but couldn't continue after BP due to arm injury Tuesday - see you next season, rook.

Team 3 beats Team 4 23-10:

Team 3 extended their unbeaten streak to four games behind the timely hitting of Jean Marc Murphy and Scott Mann who both had four hits in as many at bats. Also contributing at the plate with only one out each were Joe Camacho, Mike Fulcher, Chuck Blomberg, Karl Burk, Jeff Blakeman and John Champ. Stellar pitching from Andy Sybrandy (7 runs allowed in 6 innings) and Dale Dickey (3 runs in as many innings), who held the highest scoring team in the league to only 10 runs. This wouldn’t have been possible without the stingy infield defense of McCabe, Brand, Glassman, Fulcher, Blomberg and Champ. Karl Burk got his 10,000 steps in right field by chasing three hard hit balls down the line to the fence, but he redeemed himself by gunning a runner out at second for a critical out. Congrats to team 4 for locking up the regular season championship despite the loss.

Thursday Game Highlights 7/01/2021

Team 3 beats Team 5 24-11:

Despite the coach and assistant coach (no names mentioned) both recording strike outs, Team 3 was able to flip flop team 5 to improve their chances of making the playoffs. Defensive stars were Brad Coutin who made a fabulous catch in RCF, the infield with 3 double plays and the Karl to Joel to Johnny relay to get a critical out at third base. Offensive production was led by Chuck Bloomberg and Brad Coutin who were both 3/4 with a walk and Milo who was a perfect 3/3 with a walk and sac fly. A foursome of triples were added by Dale Dickey, Mike Fulcher and the aforementioned coach and assistant coach who somewhat atoned for their earlier K’s. Kudos to Phil McCabe who selflessly played for the other team that was short a few players.

Team 5 came in with only 8 players and had 3 pick up players to fill up the roster. They started off strong by almost matching them in the first inning and put 4 on the board. Sadly, that was the last time they put 4 on the scoreboard until the 7th inning. They went 5 innings without scoring which really hurt their chances as well as hitting into two double plays.

Team 6 beats Team 4 25-17:

Team 6 finally beat 5 after two 1-run losses and one 2-run loss. Swede Lundgren was 6 for 6; Randy Burrell was 4 for 4 and a walk. Marc "Doc" Rudich pitched a solid game (what's new about that? --- ed.).

Team 2 beats Team 1 23-20:

Team 1 welcomes new player John Parine, who retired last week and started playing NCSS this week. John hit everything hard ... but only got credit for a couple hits; someone needs to show him how to avoid gloves. Johnny Cessena starred with 5 singles and Jim Teeter went 3-3 and 2 walks. You should have seen SS Steve Leslie hanging on to a nasty line drive which you often see when you face the Bash Brothers.


Tuesday Game Highlights 6/29/2021

Team 4 beats Team 1 20-9:

Team 1 celebrated the return of Ron Bryan's bat with a HR. Gus Kriticos gunned won Kevin with a bullet from 1st to second after an errant throw to first. Lack of timely team hitting continued, but Jim Teeter (4-4) and Phil Hutter (3-4) led the offense in a losing effort.

Team 4 won today on great defense played by Kirk (Black Hole) Dunning and Roy (Hobbs) Albert timely hitting and running for people.

Team 2 ties Team 3 19-19:

Klaus had another outstanding day at 2nd base, recording many put-outs. Ingalls played stellar 1st base handling several errant throws to get the out. Gary batted very well with several hits and a walk. Team 2 played good defense but gave up 10 runs and the tie in the bottom of the 9th.

Team 3 scored 10 runs in the bottom of the 9th to tie a gutsy team 2. Led by Joel Glassman, in only his third game of the season after an extended injury lay-off, who went 4-for-4 and a sac fly, including an inside-the-park HR. Along with John Champ, who hit 5 singles, they combined for almost 1/3 the team's hit totals and jointly contributed more than 1/3 of the team's runs. Welcome back, Joe!

Team 6 beats Team 5 18-17:

Rick Taulli pitched great. He also hit two HRs. Jay Paris hit two triples. Overall solid defense by all.

Thursday Game Highlights 6/17/2021

Team 3 beats Team 4 17-14:

Team 3 escaped from the cellar handing Team 4 only their 5th loss of the season. It was truly a team effort as John Champ drove in Jean-Marc Murphy for what turned out to be the winning run in the top of the 9th. The superstar of the game was Brad Coutin, who made some amazing catches in left field in only his 5th game back from hip replacement surgery. Kudos to Joe Camacho who had three hits and retrieved twice as many of his teammates' -uh - balls from over the fence.

Team 6 beats Team 2 21-15:

Team 6 has a favorite "Runs Scored Number." Each of the last 4 games we have scored exactly 21 runs earning wins  each game. Without 3 of our star players today, we rallied as a team, played solid defense and again hit consistently throughout the lineup. Shout out to Doug Tomlinson who played an outstanding 2nd base, yes 2nd base.

Tough day for Team 2 with five missing players. They borrowed one from another team and even had an opposing player fill in. Notwithstanding, they kept the game close and lost by five, Klaus Waiblinger played outstanding at second base. He made an ESPN catch over his head while facing the outfield. Mike Karr came in relief pitching and limited Team 6 to just a handful of runs in the second half of the game.

Team 5 beats Team 1 24-20:

Team 1 quadrupled their production Tuesday then quintupled it today but still lost. Welcome back Mr. Bill, I mean Dr. Bill, with a triple and home run. Team 5 paid a price with injuries to several star players during the game. We hope Craig Peterson heals his torn Achilles quickly.

Team 5 had another complete game pitching effort by Mark Hiltbrand today and strong defense, especially when it mattered. They also had some timely hitting. Game ball without a doubt goes out to "Grandpa" Al Galaviz for not only his defense but his offense as well. Al batted 4-4 and capped it off with his first over the fence inning ending home run, which came with two outs and a runner on. You could see that just sucked the life out of the other team when Grandpa hit that ball. Even his singles were hard hit balls. Al made some nice plays at second as well. Bob Blachford continued his hot hitting with a 3-4 day. Sully was 4-5 with 4 singles and his brother hit his first sacrifice fly of the season. Sean has 63 RBI's and this is his first Sac. Bob Porter continued to lace the ball as well going 4-5 and stretched one out into a double. He also made some nice plays at first. Better get used to that position Bob as it's yours for the rest of the season.

Week 10 Tuesday Game Highlights 6/15/2021

Team 4 beats Team 1 16-4:

Team 4 beat team 1 starring Kirk Dunning aka "the Black Hole" making three dunning, er stunning catches in right field. Team 1 quadrupled their run production from last Thursday but still got quadrupled by team 4.

Team 5 vs Team 2 18-8:

Today we (Team 2) came up short in offense, but it was a beautiful day to play softball. The team played hard. Stitch had a different glove today and played very well in the outfield. I told him to throw the other glove away. He was 3/4 also, so overall a great day for him! Adam proved he could run like the wind, but has no breaks! Lol (would that be as breaking wind? ... ed.)

Team 6 beats Team 3 21-10:

Team 6 played stellar defense with the dynamic duo of Jay Paris and Nick Basta stabilizing the infield.  The outfield played very well as players rotated and shared outfield positions. Offensive contributions were consistent throughout the lineup featuring Home runs from Mark O'Donnell and Rick Taulli. Team 6 is on a 3 game win streak after losing a 7-6 game to 1st place team 4. 

Team Narratives:

Kept one season.