Message From the Commissioner

April 9, 2021


Dear NCSS Players:

  • We have 20 new players, with at least 2 more coming in another week. Welcome to all of you. We hope you see a league committed to providing an opportunity for competitive play but with an emphasis on fair play, sportsmanship, and comaraderie.

  • The dictionary defines comaraderie as a "mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together." 

  • Reminder: we offer organized batting practice (and practice games if enough attend) on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Stagecoach Park when many players are attending Tournaments and league games are canceled. 

  • Player tryouts will continue throughout the season. We have several scheduled for April 19 already. Contact me if you want a tryout or you have a friend that wants one. 

  • Remember, we rebalance Rosters after 5 games to enhance competitiveness. Team 2 is in need and Team 1 may also be in need. We prefer adding new players but sometimes players need to move from one team to another to enhance equal competition goals. Watch for Roster changes. 

  • We need a new Umpire-in-Chief. While new player, Al Calacungen, is a star baseball umpire, he is just starting to learn the SSUSA Rules we follow, so we need to find a long-term player in our league to assume the role. The main function is to train our players for umpiring in our Annual Tournament. Our Tournament solicitations advertise how we believe our volunteer umpires perform at the highest standards, so we have to make sure that is what teams actually experience. Meanwhile, I asked Al to do a little inservice on positioning for making calls, the task that separates the best umpires from the rest. We will do that before a game soon. 

  • Please continue to wear masks when not on the playing field. The City may enforce their Covid rules by stopping play if players do not comply.

  • The City of Carlsbad has hired a new subcontractor to maintain our fields. Let the City know if you see that the dirt infields we play on have been recently watered or are hard as concrete and dangerous to play on. Let them know if the outfield sprinkler heads are creating puddles and holes instead of correctly watering the grass. It is fairly easy to tell if someone is paying attention or not. The City really needs to know for safety and for supervising their contractors. They cannot do it alone. 

  • All players will receive individual text notice of team notices during the season. Please review the Roster page to make sure it properly lists your texting cell phone number or you will miss important game-day notices.

  • Please make sure you are registered to receive emails (if you are not, sign up here).

  • Schedule changes or field changes will be published on the Home page of our website. 



Jim Dionne