Message From the Commissioner


June 21, 2022

We change to San Elijo fields starting June 28 and June 30. We will play 10 games on those fields before returning to Stagecoach Park on August 16 and August 18.


Let me know what you think of those fields because I am thinking of reserving them - or the similar fields at Hollandia Park - every summer when we lose Stagecoach Park. They are well maintained and provide SSUSA dimensions in the outfield. There are no similar parks in Carlsbad. 

Thanks also to all who worked and helped make our Annual Tournament another success. We offered genuine ROCK softballs, turf fields, two umpires per game, space for batting practice, volunteers chasing foul balls, food and beverage service, competitive divisions, and the most wonderfully mild summer climate in California - all in stark contrast to the tournaments offered in other venues in June.


And the teams that come here feel more like returning friends each year, which makes all our preparatory work worth while. 

Now lets get back to playing ball at San Elijo and finding a way to beat Team 3 before they sneak into a championship. 

Jim Dionne