Message From the Commissioner


July 27, 2021


Dear NCSS Players:


  • Here are the Survey Results regarding use of the dirt field at Stagecoach Park: 

  • 31 players voted for eliminating the dirt field by scheduling 2 games per day on Field 3 at Stagecoach.

  • 23 players voted to keep all 3 games at 10am by continuing to use the dirt field.

  • 4 players thought either option was okay.

    Therefore, without a strong consensus for change, we will continue all games at 10 am except when only 2 of the fields at Stagecoach are available. When that occurs, we will schedule a 7 inning game at 8:30 and a nine inning game at 10 am on one of the fields rather than scheduling two teams to play their game at a different park than Stagecoach. 

  • Player tryouts continue throughout the season. Start playing in games immediately. Contact me if you want a join our league or you have a friend that wants a tryout. 

  • We use tryout ratings to add new players to teams-in-need during the season to promote league balancing and parity; so 1st place and other leading teams should never expect to add a highly rated, new player! 

  • All players receive individual text messages from their team manager during the season. Please review the Roster page to make sure it properly lists your texting cell phone number or you will miss important game-day notices.

  • Please make sure you are registered to receive emails (if you are not, sign up here).



Jim Dionne