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NCSS 65+ Softball League: News
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Notes From the Commish:
Our Rules limit intentional walks, whether called as such or whether intended as such to avoid throwing hittable balls to a particular hitter. The Rule states: 

"No intentional walks until the 8th and 9th innings. Also, no player can be intentionally walked more than once per game." 


Pitchers should be advised of this rule, since some pitchers come for leagues where intentional walks are allowed anytime during a game.

Spring 2024 Champions


Back Row - Chris Rubino, Randy Benge, John       Musselman, (Photo Bomber), Klaus  Waiblinger, Mark Lehman, Louie Gonzalez, Bill Kutzner

Front Row - Warren Pleskow, Don Crenshaw, Tony Salmon, Joe Camacho


Spring Season Champions
Back Row - Chris Rubino, Randy Benge, John                        Musselman, (Photo Bomber), Klaus                         Waiblingen, Mark Lehman, Louie                         Gonzalez, Bill KutznerFront Row - Warren Pleskow, Don Crenshaw,                        Tony Salmon, Joe Camacho

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